LabVantage Unveils SAPPHIRE™ R5 – Redefining Laboratory Information Management

Bridgewater, NJ. June 5, 2008. LabVantage Solutions, Inc. today announced the commercial availability of the SAPPHIRE™ Release 5 Laboratory Information Management Suite (LIMS). SAPPHIRE is an industry-leading zero footprint and configurable off-the-shelf (COTS) LIMS that consolidates functionality typically found in multiple laboratory systems. SAPPHIRE R5 builds upon 20+ years of laboratory information management know-how and almost a decade of thin-client computing experience to deliver an enterprise LIMS platform that redefines and optimizes the way leading laboratories conduct business.

“By collaborating with our diverse global customer base, we combine our LIMS expertise and their critical insights to continually define the functional and technical features of SAPPHIRE,” says Ron Kasner, Vice President of Corporate Development at LabVantage. “The result is that SAPPHIRE R5, more than any other LIMS solution, has the technical depth and breadth required to deliver the most complete and versatile, multi-site, and multi-language enterprise backbone for laboratory informatics.”

By leveraging configurable, modular driven solutions, rather than custom developed software or services, SAPPHIRE R5 can tailor point specific or enterprise wide solutions to address each organization’s unique needs. SAPPHIRE R5 continues to set the standard for laboratory information management by offering a broad spectrum of functionality that is fully configurable out-of-the-box and that can be deployed at any point in time, depending on an organization’s business requirements.


Ubiquitous Global Deployment

Multinationalization (M18N) compliance for data translation, time zones, regional settings, and date formatting coupled with Unicode support enables seamless multi-site and multi-language deployment and collaboration.

Enhanced User Experience

Leveraging a true zero footprint thin-client architecture, SAPPHIRE R5 lowers cost of ownership by providing secure enterprise-wide access with no plug-ins, downloads, or applets on the client. SAPPHIRE R5 includes greater out-of-the-box configuration options with over 600 pre-configured SAPPHIRE templates ready to deploy and/or modify. Additional security options, calculations and business rules provide improved security and knowledge management based on a user’s role and/or department.

Expanded Functionality

Across the board enhancements of the SAPPHIRE R5 suite of modules including: Stability & Shelf-Life Analyses, Advanced Storage and Logistics (ASL), BioBanking, and the SAPPHIRE SAP Enterprise Connector. Also available are the:

Recently Released Corrective Action & Preventive Action (CAPA) module – monitors quality control and assurance for maintaining compliance with standards and regulatory guidelines

New Reagents and Standards Management module – full-featured management, maintenance, and tracking of laboratory consumables.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics-Driven Decision Support

SAPPHIRE Dashboards – powerful business management tool provides an “at a glance” view of definable key performance indicators (KPIs).

SAPPHIRE Ad-hoc Query Tool – real-time “in-application” data mining and analysis without the need for SQL programming.

SAPPHIRE Reporting – seamlessly embedded, on-demand reporting and data visualization tools.

SAPPHIRE Advanced Reporting – robust information and performance management tools powered by Business Objects™.

SAPPHIRE Analytics – built-in visual charting for control charts and trend charts.

SAPPHIRE Advanced Analytics – full-featured SPC charting and statistics powered by Northwest Analytical®.

SAPPHIRE Operational Intelligence – real-time, workflow-driven, multi-source data integration, visualization, and analytics powered by InforSense™.

Multi-Optional Application Server and Standards-Based Services

Expansive support for industry-leading application servers including: IBM WebSphere®, BEA WebLogic® and Sybase® EA Server. Expanded support for standards-based Web Services methods for ease of integration with external applications.

About LabVantage. LabVantage Solutions, Inc., an innovative global provider of enterprise solutions tailored for leading laboratories, serves discovery, development, formulation, process research, raw material testing, and quality management laboratories across multiple industries. LabVantage’s SAPPHIRE, a zero-footprint laboratory information management suite, is tailored to manage an organization’s critical laboratory information across its worldwide R&D pipeline and manufacturing supply chain to optimize productivity and more effectively share knowledge. LabVantage is headquartered in Bridgewater, NJ, U.S.A. Further information about LabVantage and SAPPHIRE is available at

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