MilliporeSigma Partner Beyond Benign Launches New Green Chemistry Teaching and Learning Community Online Platform

NORTHAMPTON, MA — Global green chemistry education nonprofit Beyond Benign has launched its Green Chemistry Teaching and Learning Community (GCTLC) free online platform to help the green chemistry community around the world connect and learn together.

In partnership with sponsors and partners, including the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute, the GCTLC was designed for K-12 educators, higher-education faculty and the current and next generation of chemists. It will serve as a dynamic virtual space where green chemistry community members can develop connections, find mentors, share resources and enhance their knowledge through peer-led learning.

“We created the GCTLC alongside passionate educators, industry partners and stakeholders within the green chemistry education community to ensure it truly serves everybody,” said Dr. Jonathon Moir, GCTLC Senior Program Manager. “Because we cultivated this platform together, the GCTLC exists as a teaching and learning platform and also a living testament to the unity and collaboration underpinning our community.”

Green chemistry education provides chemists with a framework to design chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the generation of hazardous substances. The GCTLC aims to advance the widespread incorporation of green chemistry principles within educational settings and, as a result, various industrial sectors.

The GCTLC platform features:

  • A robust community space where users can connect with other community members based on profession, institution and other key factors.
  • An extensive library of valuable educational resources and curriculum materials from community members worldwide.
  • Forums and groups to delve deeper into specific green chemistry topics and seek advice from their peers.
  • Continued learning opportunities, including courses and special events.

“The green chemistry community is incredibly powerful when we unite to empower and inspire one another,” said Dr. Amy Cannon, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Beyond Benign. “The GCTLC acts as a catalyst for our movement, providing a place for ideas and knowledge to flow freely in real time. We’re excited to join educators and leaders throughout the world in this hub, where we’ll have the opportunity to accelerate our impact.”

MilliporeSigma, the U.S. and Canada Life Science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, played a pivotal role in the launch of the GCTLC. As part of its expanded partnership with Beyond Benign, MilliporeSigma’s contribution helped enhance capacity for the GCTLC, aiming to expand global access to green chemistry resources and training for more than 4,000 faculty members worldwide. MilliporeSigma’s support of the GCTLC also helps advance Beyond Benign’s goal of providing 25% of the 22,000 graduating chemists annually in the U.S.1 with green chemistry knowledge by 2025.

Those interested in joining the GCTLC platform can register for an account on its website.


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