NanoTemper Technologies Launches Human Fc Labeling Kit, Accelerating Biologics Affinity Screening Workflows

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — NanoTemper Technologies, creator of high-quality, easy-to-learn biophysical tools for drug discovery, launches a new way for biologics researchers to screen humanized antibody therapeutics with the release of their Human Fc Labeling Kit. Optimized for use with Spectral Shift technology, an in-solution affinity screening method, scientists looking for innovative ways to accelerate candidate selection will appreciate the ability to measure affinities earlier in their workflow in crude lysate or cell media.

“With the Human Fc Labeling Kit, we’re enhancing the application of Spectral Shift technology, a proven breakthrough method for screening small molecules, by adding the ability to do affinity screening for antibody developability,” says Werner Streicher, VP of Research & Development at NanoTemper Technologies. “This is only the first step towards addressing the growing need for non-immobilized interaction measurements in the biologics space.”

Spectral Shift technology, built into Monolith X and Dianthus products, is the leading methodology for delivering reliable, in-solution affinities, and a must-try for anyone in early developability screening phases. For more information about the Human Fc Labeling Kits and other groundbreaking solutions like Dianthus and Monolith X from NanoTemper Technologies, please visit

About NanoTemper Technologies

At NanoTemper, our vision is to help create a world where every disease is treatable. For us, that starts by equipping scientists with reliable tools that bring them the clarity, confidence, and momentum they need to discover and develop future therapies, even difficult ones. That’s why we build our tools with high-quality materials that give scientists the clearest results, we make our tools easy-to-learn, and we support our customers with practical expertise throughout their journey. Because the path to a disease-free world requires courage, big thinking, and collaboration, we’ll continue to create innovative products that meet the needs of our customers as they face new and difficult challenges.


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