MKS Cirrus Atmospheric Pressure Gas Monitoring

Wilmington, MA (January 12, 2005) — Cirrus Atmospheric Pressure Gas Monitoring system is ideal for the on-line monitoring and analysis of gases and gas mixtures including solvet vapors, hydrocarbons, inorganic gas species (including corrosives), freons and noble gases. It’s compact design and flexible control front-end make the cirrus system suitable for a broad range of applications.

MKS Instruments Inc., (Nasdaq: MKSI), a leading provider of process control technologies for improving productivity in semiconductor and other advanced manufacturing processes, is pleased to introduce the Cirrus Atmospheric Pressure gas Monitor for use in semiconductor applications such as contamination monitoring in bulk gas delivery systems. At the heart of every Cirrus system is a precision-built quadrupole analyzer incorporating a closed ion source, a triple mass filter and a dual (Faraday and Secondary Electron Multiplier) dectector system. This analyzer configuration optimizes sensitivity and long-term stability performance. Use of the quadrupole analyzer enables monitoring of multiple gases at the same time over a wide dynamic range (from ppb to percentage levels).

The Cirrus gas monitoring system is fully automated and can be operated through a single Ethernet interface. MKS Process Eye Professional software provides application-specific interpretation, control, and alarm functions, and allows correlation with data from other sensors. A silica cappillary inlet provides rapid response, while an inert chamber and low-maintenance, automated bake-out and heating capability ensure low background contamination and prevent condensation during measurement.

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