MKS Offers Network Centric RGA Automation Platform

MKS Instruments, Inc., (Nasdaq: MKSI), a leading provider of process control technologies for improving productivity in semiconductor and other advanced manufacturing processes, is pleased to introduce TOOLweb® RGA, a sensor automation platform for RGA control and communication. TOOLweb RGA monitors process integrity and tool performance in real-time, identifies process excursions, and generates alarms and targeted e-mail messages. It incorporates sensor-level FDC as well as data reporting and searching capabilities, and provides comparisons of wafer-to-wafer, chamber-to-chamber and tool-to-tool data. TOOLweb RGA components include a process-specific RGA, a tool connectivity component such as the MKS Blue Box or access to the tool’s secondary SECS port, and MKS’ Process Eye™ Professional RGA control platform running recipe modules (including routines for sensor configuration, calibration, chamber-state tracking and real-time, dynamic alarms). TOOLweb RGA functions as a data source for MKS’ TOOLweb connectivity platform or the factory host via TOOLweb tool-side protocol, SECS/GEM or custom interfaces. It offers browser access to data reporting, data searching and univariate FDC modeling capabilities. TOOLweb RGA is network centric, with Ethernet connectivity down to the sensor level. Sensors monitor process gas pressure, composition and stability as well as contaminant levels throughout the process, generating alarms (including e-mails to specific user groups) and stopping the tool if required. This minimizes the cost and yield impact of tool downtime. By speeding PM and other downtime recoveries, TOOLweb RGA maximizes tool uptime and provides a highly cost-effective means of maintaining and troubleshooting vacuum tools.

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