New accessories for the Anton Paar Multiwave 3000

Microwave-induced Oxygen Combustion of organic samples

The patented Microwave-induced Oxygen Combustion System delivers comparable results in less time than standard techniques in sample preparation for ion chromatography.

Proven applications: The system decomposes all kinds of combustible solids such as wood, paper, coal, food, polymers, organic compounds and even solid waste faster than any traditional method.

UV-digestion of liquid samples in microwave reactors

With this new Multiwave 3000 accessory Anton Paar opens the door to a powerful sample preparation for the determination of metals, nitrogen or phosphorus in liquid samples.

Proven applications: Drinking water, seawater, effluents, sewage, body fluids, beverages.

Significant cost reduction for solvent extraction

New technologies applied in the microwave-assisted solvent extraction rotor reduce extraction times and solvent amounts. This facilitates sample preparation at lower costs. The Multiwave 3000 caries GS and ETL marks, certifying compliance with international safety standards.

Proven applications: The extraction of PCB, PAH and total petroleum hydrocarbons from environmental or food samples, standardized EPA methods, determination of fatty acids or dissolutions and extraction of polymers.

The Multiwave 3000 is a modular platform for microwave-assisted sample preparation covering wet-chemical digestion, solvent extraction, UV digestion, oxygen combustion, concentration, evaporation and drying. The unique sensor and vessel technology solves even the most complex decomposition tasks safely and reliably. We guarantee maximum safety and confirm this with GS and ETL approval for our instruments.

Typical Applications: sewage sludge, biological samples, foodstuff, metals, glass, quartz, ores, ash, semiconductors, ceramic, fatty foodstuffs, coal, oil, pharmaceuticals.

Accessories for concentrating

Aequeous sample solution scan be concentrated with the evaporation rotor.

Accessories for drying

The microwave drying takes a quarter of the time required by conventional methods. Water vapor and unwanted odors are removed via built-in exhaust unit.

Accessories for fuming off and neutralizing acids

Acids are fumed off under controlled clean room conditions directly out of the reaction vessel and neutralized using an external scrubber.

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