Particle Measuring Systems Acquires Molecular Analytics

Boulder, CO 2/23/04 and Milan, Italy 2/13/04—Microcontamination monitoring company Particle Measuring Systems, a Spectris operating company, has acquired the assets related to Molecular Analytics’ ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) gas analyzers from SAES Getters for $3 million in cash, net of possible adjustments. According to SAES Getters, 2003 IMS analyzer sales totaled $2 million (see page 12). The transfer of manufacturing activities will be completed May 30. The sale is part of a broader effort by SAES Getters to restructure and resume profitability, following the The acquisition must be approved by both companies’ shareholders. However, key shareholders of approximately 29% of Axon stock have agreed to approve the deal. During its conference call, Molecular Devices said that the acquisition expands the company into the cellular neuroscience and genomic (microarray scanner) markets and that the companies’ ion channel screening and high-throughput imaging instruments were complementary. Cellular neuroscience,semiconductor downturn.

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