Refeyn strengthens capability with new US Headquarters in Boston area

New US customer interaction center opens in Massachusetts’ Waltham Biotech Hub with 3rd annual Mass Photometry Summit set to highlight latest advances


Refeyn’s new US headquarters to open in Massachusetts in Waltham’s Biotech Hub.

Oxford, UK – Refeyn, the pioneer of mass photometry technology, is continuing to strengthen the deployment of its unique bioanalytical tools with the planned Grand Opening of its new US Headquarters and Customer Interaction Center, in conjunction with the third annual Mass Photometry Summit 2024. Following the summit, highlighting the very latest advances in mass photometry, to be held in the Boston area on May 22, Refeyn will officially open its new 10,000 sq. ft. HQ in the heart of Waltham’s Biotech Hub in Greater Boston, Massachusetts, on May 23.

The HQ opening and summit in Greater Boston demonstrate Refeyn’s commitment to expanding the boundaries of single-particle bioanalysis with its innovative mass photometry technologies — supporting the biopharmaceutical industry and facilitating groundbreaking advances in novel therapeutics. With its new US Customer Interaction Center sited within one of the world’s largest biotech hubs, Refeyn can directly support the many world-leading bioscience companies and university-based researchers in the area and beyond. Waltham’s proximity to Boston Logan International Airport also makes the new HQ readily accessible to its customers from across the continent.

Building on previous events, Refeyn’s 2024 summit offers scientists the opportunity to engage in scientific discussions to learn more about mass photometry and its applications. From user talks and poster presentations, attendees can see how this novel light-based analytical technology is being used in a range of scientific fields. There will also be opportunity to hear about Refeyn’s very latest products through interactive demonstrations — with the launch of new instruments, accessories and cGMP software since last year’s summit, mass photometry technologies are now a solution for many more applications. The event is free to attend and requires advance registration.

Refeyn’s new Boston area HQ offers many new facilities — in addition to offices and meeting and training rooms, there is laboratory space supported by state-of-the-art lab tools. The laboratory space includes a BSL-2 lab, service center, R&D center and applications lab. This provides opportunities for customers to run samples and test applications, plus facilitates instrument maintenance, customer training sessions, and workshops. It will serve as Refeyn’s hub for customer support excellence and enhance the customer experience in North America.

The expansion reflects Refeyn’s significant growth since it was founded in Oxford, UK, in 2018 — both globally and in the US in particular. In Waltham, Refeyn is looking to expand its workforce and will be recruiting additional employees for the new facility, which will accommodate over 40 personnel.

Commenting on the forthcoming Grand Opening, Gerry Mackay, CEO at Refeyn, said, “This opening is a testament to Refeyn’s rapid growth with the ever-increasing success of mass photometry as it is deployed in life science laboratories around the world – for biophysical characterization and to analyze next-generation biotherapeutics, to support scientific discovery, and therapeutics R&D and manufacture. We are excited to invest in Waltham and join the buzz in New England’s fast-emerging biotech hub.”

Paul Davies, Chief Commercial Officer at Refeyn, added, “Serving our customers well is hugely important to us. We look forward to welcoming them, and warmly invite them to come and use our new Waltham-based facility to run their own samples and undertake feasibility studies. They can also talk directly to us about how they use our technology and secure advice on best practice from our mass photometry experts when needed.”

Spun out of Oxford University six years ago, Refeyn pioneered mass photometry and now has 180 employees based around the world, with global headquarters located in Oxford, UK. Hundreds of Refeyn instruments are installed in laboratories globally, whose use has been cited in over 300 scientific papers to date. This literature highlights the ever-growing capabilities of this innovative light-based approach in rapid single-particle analysis, providing vital insights for scientific discovery, R&D, and therapeutics production.

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About Refeyn

Refeyn Ltd. specializes in the development, production, and distribution of mass photometry technologies for industry and academia. Mass photometry and macro mass photometry are unique bioanalytical technologies pioneered by Refeyn. By quantifying light scattering from particles in solution, mass photometry enables the measurement of molecular mass at the single-particle level while macro mass photometry enables simultaneous measurement of viral vector size and contrast (a proxy for mass).

Spun out of Oxford University in 2018, the company aims to make its technology accessible to all in the scientific community, enabling users to achieve new and better outcomes. Refeyn has been recognized for its unique approach to biomolecular analysis through multiple awards, including the Royal Society of Chemistry Emerging Technologies Competition. Applications of mass photometry include: Characterization of samples of biomolecules and viral vectors, and analysis of protein oligomerization, biomolecular interactions, and macromolecular assemblies. Utilizing the novel technologies of mass photometry and macro mass photometry, Refeyn’s products are capable of accurate analysis of single particles in solution, in their native state, and without the need for labels, opening up new possibilities for bioanalytics.

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