Dotmatics Launches Geneious Cloud Workspace and Geneious Prime 2024 to Help Researchers Address Data Complexities in Bioinformatics

Boston – Dotmatics, a leader in R&D scientific software connecting science, data, and decision-making, today announced the release of Geneious Cloud Workspace and Geneious Prime 2024 to give researchers more efficiency in addressing the complexities in genomic data analysis and research.

Geneious Cloud is designed to significantly improve the collaboration, data management, integration, and data portability capabilities for Geneious Prime customers through an integration of the desktop application with a cloud-based platform.

The cloud-based platform will provide scientists with an off-the-shelf solution for collaborating across workstations and ensures teams have a unified view of their collective research data. The result is reduced overhead and fewer barriers commonly associated with IT management. It also means increased efficiency through more streamlined interactions and decreased waste through better transparency and data quality.

“Catalyzing scientific progress requires more than just innovation; it demands a deep understanding of researchers’ needs and a commitment to empowering their endeavors,” said Brett Ammundsen, president of Bioinformatics at Dotmatics. “The combination of Geneious Cloud Workspace and Geneious Prime 2024 empowers scientists with a harmonized approach to ingesting, extracting, structuring, accessing and integrating FAIR data, while also reducing the burden on our customers’ IT resources.”

Biological researchers face many pressing challenges, including adapting to multimodal, distributed working methods, managing the exponential growth in data volume and complexity, handling IT overhead, and integrating various systems and workflows. Advances in sequencing, molecular cloning, and synthesis technologies have led to increasingly high-throughput research pipelines, necessitating sophisticated systems to manage this ever-increasing complexity.

Geneious Cloud Workspace emerges as a solution to these challenges by providing scalable storage, enhanced collaboration, and efficient data management capabilities. By offering secure and accessible storage solutions with the ability to handle diverse data types and formats, Geneious Cloud Workspace provides seamless data sharing among researchers across institutions and geographic locations, thereby fostering collaboration and accelerating scientific discoveries.

It streamlines research workflows by seamlessly integrating project and data management capabilities with the comprehensive suite of tools offered by Geneious Prime. Through the Workflow system provided by Geneious Prime, scientists can further optimize by creating automated processes that can act as standard operating procedures and be shared via the cloud.

Complementing the launch of Geneious Cloud Workspace is the introduction of Geneious Prime 2024, equipped with helpful features such as the Cloning Validation tool and the Map to References algorithm advisor. These additions further enhance researchers’ ability to navigate complex genomic analyses with precision and speed, driving scientific progress and innovation.

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