Sapio Sciences Unifies Small- and Large- Molecule Discovery on a Single Platform

The new Sapio Chemistry solution enables biopharma companies to unify their research efforts while simplifying chemical synthesis and registration workflows.

BALTIMORE – Sapio Sciences, the science-awareTM lab informatics platform, today announced the launch of the Sapio Chemistry solution, which unifies small-molecule and large-molecule discovery workflows on a single platform. Built on the same no-code platform as Sapio’s existing large-molecule discovery electronic lab notebook solution, Sapio Chemistry enables scientists to draw insights across all their organization’s discovery experiments.

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“Many organizations are still running decades-old electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs) and other software for capturing chemical synthesis experiments and registering small molecules,” said Kevin Cramer, president and CEO of Sapio Sciences. “Large-molecule and small-molecule discovery have traditionally been managed on disparate systems, creating artificial islands that impede scientific collaboration and decision-making. Sapio is excited to give biopharma organizations the opportunity to consolidate all their chemistry experiments on a modern, unified lab platform.”

Sapio Chemistry is designed to facilitate collaboration among chemistry teams and their colleagues in analytical core facilities and screening labs, including contract research organizations. Advanced, chemically intelligent search built into Sapio Chemistry makes up-to-date project data easily accessible to the entire team. Out-of- the-box, configurable templates simplify the capture and sharing of chemistry experiments, including the reaction, reagents, solvents, and products through to registering synthesized compounds, batches, and lots and requesting assays. Sapio Chemistry also includes advanced capabilities for sample and inventory management, leveraging the strong sample-handling features built into the Sapio platform.

Sapio Chemistry includes the latest science-awareTM functionality from Sapio, offering the first-ever lab triple-play solution of ELN, laboratory information management system (LIMS), and Jarvis scientific data cloud all in one. Science-aware means the system unifies data and works the way scientists do with built-in tools for managing, visualizing, and analyzing data to make life in the lab simple.

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