Siemens Acquires Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Firm

Siemens Acquires Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Firm Controlotron

Atlanta, GA -Siemens Energy & Automation has entered into an asset purchase agreement for Controlotron, a maker of nonintrusvie ultrasonic flowmeters. Financial details were not disclosed. “Controlotron is highly recognized for its advanced technology in non-intrusive flow measurement, and its strong market positions in oil and gas, water and waste water, HVAC, energy and pipeline applications,” stated Aubert Martin, Siemens Energy & Automation president and CEO. Headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, Controlotron has 120 employees. Siemens plans to make the location a center for competence for ultrasonic flow measurement. The transaction is scheduled to close in May.

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