Sony Announces Launch of FP7000 Spectral Cell Sorter Supporting High-Parameter Sorting with More Than 44 Colors*1

Meeting the evolving needs in immunology, cell biology and oncology

*1 :Calculated based on fluorochromes currently available on the market. Number may increase especially when new fluorochrome for 320nm excitation comes to market in the future.

FP7000 Spectral Cell Sorter

TOKYO, JapanSony Corporation (“Sony”) today announced the launch of FP7000 spectral cell sorter that supports high-speed, high-parameter sorting with more than 44 colors with simple workflows, leveraging its patented spectral technology-based optics, advanced electronics and fluidics.
The new high-parameter spectral cell sorter is configurable with up to 6 lasers and 182 detectors enabling the detection and sorting of cell populations of interest, using complex panels comprised of more than 44 colors. It also supports multiple nozzle sizes for optimized sorting of a wide range of cell types. Its high-speed, real-time spectral unmixing capability, which separates the emission signature of each fluorophore from the composite spectral signal from the multi-color sample analyzed, combined with high sheath pressure and reliable drop-delay calibration, enables up to 6-way sorting of populations at event rates of 25,000 events per second.
The FP7000 brings together the superior spectral technology and the versatile workflows from the Sony cell sorter portfolio to provide reliable system automation and guided workflows that enable researchers to obtain results in an unbiased manner as well as improve operational efficiency. This meets the needs of busy laboratories pursuing simple to complex high-parameter applications.

“Sony’s life science business is a pioneer in the development of advanced, microfluidics chip-based flow cytometers used for cell analysis leveraging its spectral technologies.” said Katsunori Ogawa, Head of Life Science & Technology Business Unit at Sony Corporation. “FP7000 has the core design philosophy of integrating simple operations with these innovative technologies that enable deep profiling and sorting of heterogeneous cell populations for isolating multiple subsets, including dim and rare cell populations. With the expanded flow cytometer portfolio, Sony will support a wide range of solutions in fields such as immunology, cell biology and oncology, and further contribute to the advancement of research in those fields.”

FP7000 spectral cell sorter is scheduled to be available in autumn 2024.

Main features

  1. Sony’s patented spectral technology supports detection of more than 44 colors and autofluorescence signals from 6 lasers (320nm*2/349nm/405nm/488nm/561nm/637nm) and 182 PMT detectors. Optical capability is matched to Sony’s ID7000™ Spectral Cell Analyzer thus enabling multicolor assay portability from the cell analyzer to the cell sorter. Additionally, the system will support the detection of particles as small as 100 nm.
  2. Sheath excitation technology delivers robust operation of different types of nozzles and forms stable droplets at a frequency range of 12kHz to 100kHz and at a pressure range of 70 kPa to 600 kPa, enabling stable, multiway sorting into tubes and single cell sorting into plates.
  3. Patented unmixing algorithm delivers real-time unmixing at high speed and accuracy to resolve closely spaced fluorochromes, eliminates subjectivity of compensation and provides high-quality data.
  4. Cellular autofluorescence, the natural fluorescence emitted by cells, can present a complication in flow cytometry, as it can hinder detection of the fluorescence information of cells of interest. As individual samples have different autofluorescence levels, it has been a challenge for researchers to identify the emission spectrum of autofluorescence in advance. Autofluorescence Finder enables researchers to identify and unmix autofluorescence from multiple populations for higher fidelity data and improve resolution of dim signals in a heterogenous multicolor sample. Autofluorescence signals detected from any laser can be used as a parameter for sorting.
  5. Patented CoreFinder™ algorithm automates key steps of optical alignment, laser delay optimization, droplet calibration, sort delay optimization, and side stream adjustment, eliminating subjectivity and enabling operational efficiency and setup for simple to complex applications.
  6. Guided workflows including the Spectral Reference Library and autofluorescence unmixing enable streamlined setup of experiments and make the system easy to use for researchers of various expertise.

Main Specifications

Excitation lasers – Up to 6 Lasers (320*2/349/405/488/561/637nm)
Detection optics – 182 channels
Measurement parameters- FSC, SSC, violet SSC*2*3 and 182 fluorescence parameters
Nozzles – 70-, 100-*2 and 130-*2 micron orifice
Input tubes – 0.5*3, 1.5*3, 5 and 15 ml
Output tubes – 1.5*3, 5, 15 and 50*3 ml
Sorting output – 6-way, 4-way, 2-way*4 and multi-well (6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 384 well*5) sorting
Power Source – 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Output Data Format – Flow Cytometry Standard (FCS) 3.1

  • *2:Available via software update after launch
  • *3:Provided as an option
  • *4:6-way sorting is available for 1.5 and 5 ml tubes, 4-way sorting for 15 ml tubes, and 2-way sorting for 50 ml tubes.
  • *5:6, 12, 24, 48, 96 and 384 well sorting is compatible with well plates. 96 and 384 well sorting is available for well plates and PCR plates.

About Sony’s Life Science Business

Formed in 2010 through the acquisition of iCyt Mission Technology, Sony’s Life Sciences Business has leveraged Sony’s proprietary laser optics, such as those used in Blu-ray disc and other optical discs, and polymer technology to develop flow cytometers and fluorescent reagents for cell analysis. The Life Science Business will contribute to scientists in basic research and developers in clinical applications.

  • *For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, or for any other clinical purpose.
  • *This product is a Class 1 laser (JIS standard) product.
  • *ID7000 is a trademark of Sony.
  • *Other company and product names used herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.


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