SRU Biosystems Announces Introduction of Cartridge Reader Using BIND® Label-free Technology

WOBURN, Mass.–SRU Biosystems today announced the extension of its product line of label-free instrumentation and biosensors with the introduction of its Cartridge Reader based on 8- and 16-well biosensors. The Cartridge Reader is being offered as the company’s entry level instrument for assay development and low throughput applications to cellular and biochemical studies. Details of the advancements will be presented at the upcoming Society for Biomolecular Sciences (SBS) meeting in St. Louis, April 6 – 10.

“SRU has developed a cost-effective label-free platform that broadly covers assay development through high throughput screening,” said Richard Wagner, Ph.D., President and CEO. “The Cartridge Reader is a highly versatile bench top instrument for small molecule assay development, protein monitoring, and cell assays. The instrument is a new cost-effective tool for biochemists and chemists to perform binding analysis of compounds – small molecules or fragments – with target proteins. Furthermore, the Cartridge Reader can be applied to cell assay development using low numbers of cells, such as primary cells or stem cells, in advance of a larger screening project utilizing our higher throughput solutions. The cartridges are built on standard SRU BIND® biosensors and come in a variety of configurations for assay development. By achieving the same level of sensitivity and flexibility seen in its higher throughput systems, SRU offers the user a seamless method for utilizing label-free throughout the assay development and screening processes.”

SRU Biosystems has developed a comprehensive product line for label-free cell-based and biochemical applications, including advanced software tools, automation integration, and proprietary attachment coatings for cells and proteins. The BIND® system supports the use of 8-, 16-, 96-, 384-, and 1536-well microplates using the Company’s patented optical biosensor technology in a user-defined manual, semi-automated or fully automated environment for kinetic or endpoint assays. The Cartridge Reader is used for performing assays in 8- and 16-well formats, while the BIND® 96/384 TURBO Reader supports either 96- or 384-well microplates, and the recently developed the BIND® 384/1536 TURBO Reader is capable of analyzing 384- or 1536-well microplates. Please see the Company’s website for upcoming product demonstrations and tutorials.

About SRU Biosystems

SRU Biosystems, Inc., is a life science company developing novel technologies for rapidly analyzing the interactions of large genomic, protein, peptide, antibody or small molecule compound libraries against a wide range of biochemical and cellular targets. SRU is incorporating its technology into microtiter plates, microarray slides and other industry standard formats to create sensitive and high throughput tools that can be used to answer important biological questions for biomedical research, pharmaceutical drug discovery and diagnostics.

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