Troll Busters LLC Files for Reexamination of United States Patent 6,814,934 Controlled by Applied BioSystems Inc.

MERCER ISLAND, Wash.–Troll Busters LLC of Mercer Island, WA announces that it has filed a Reexamination Brief yesterday with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a reexamination of all of the broad Real Time PCR apparatus claims of U.S. Patent 6,814,934 (‘934 Patent) entitled “Instrument for Monitoring Nucleic Acid Amplification.” This specification was originally filed by Cetus, and the first set of artificial claims in a continuation or divisional was filed by Roche and then it was handed off to Applera/Applied BioSystems (NYSE: ABI). The ‘934 Patent has been litigated but never came to a verdict on validity because of settlements. “Unworthy monopolies, obtained with artifice, should not be continued to further burden health care costs,” stated Jeff Oster, member of Troll Busters LLC. “Troll Busters continues in our quest to invalidate, through the administrative process of reexamination, those U.S. patents that have served to artificially add to costs of molecular diagnostics and to health care costs in general.” Troll Busters LLC is dedicated to securing freedom to operate against invalid and broad over-reaching patent claims, such as the ‘934 Patent. Troll Busters “busts” or invalidates patent troll patents and claims perceived to be specious and over-reaching, so as to provide freedom to operate services for innovators, either individually or as an industry-wide cooperative effort, and to promote competition in the market place. Troll Busters provides its patent busting and freedom to operate services to victims of patent trolls by providing multiple SNQs (substantial new questions of patentability) in each brief. Troll Busters LLC is not a law firm, nor does Troll Busters provide legal services to clients. For more information about Troll Busters, please see our website at or email [email protected] or call Jeff at 206-713-5467.

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