Tecella “Amps” Up Cellectricon’s Dynaflow® HT for Pharma Leader

COSTA MESA, CA–(June 24, 2008) – Tecella today announced that Cellectricon has selected Tecella’s Richmond patch clamp amplifier system to be integrated into their next generation Dynaflow® HT platform. Cellectricon earlier announced plans to deliver Dynaflow® HT platforms to a pharmaceutical leader under a collaborative agreement.

“Our focus has been high throughput with high quality data,” says Yoke Tanaka, CEO of Tecella. “We are pleased to have contributed to Cellectricon’s introduction of an exciting new product platform that can broaden the scope of ion channel drug discovery.”

By incorporating Richmond’s series resistance compensation circuitry and low capacitance high gain head switching architecture, Dynaflow® HT becomes the first HTS (high throughput screening) system optimized to record from both ligand-gated and voltage-gated channels, including sodium channels.

“Richmond was an ideal fit for the Dynaflow® HT,” says Dr. Mattias Karlsson, CTO of Cellectricon. “It offers the performance, high channel count, and flexibility necessary to realize the full potential of our new platform.”

Richmond offers advanced integrated digitizer, USB 2.0 connectivity, full analog compensations, low noise, and low power all in a compact chassis measuring just 8.2″ x 7.5″ x 14″ (21cm x 19cm x 36cm).

About Tecella

Tecella is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, and specializes in the development of patch clamp amplifier systems and digitizers for the advancement of drug discovery. For inquiries regarding this press release, Tecella, or Richmond, please contact:

Dianne Yamamoto, Business Manager

Phone: +1-714-641-1709, E-mail: [email protected]

About Cellectricon

Cellectricon AB, a Swedish biotech company, successfully provides groundbreaking products to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The company utilizes state-of-the-art interfaces to biological systems by employing novel microfluidic technologies. This enables completely new types of assays and devices with superior performance characteristics and robustness. Cellectricon’s products address critical bottlenecks in the drug discovery process and have been adopted by top-reference customers, including nine of the top ten pharmaceutical companies. In 2007 the company increased its annual revenue by almost 50%. In 2008-2009 the company will launch two pioneering large-scale screening platforms developed in close collaboration with leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. Used in pre-clinical pharmaceutical development, the Cellaxess® HT System enables high throughput RNAi screening and the Dynaflow® HT System greatly advances ion channel drug discovery.

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