Varian, Inc. Debuts High Productivity AA Spectrometer

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 8 — Varian, Inc. (Nasdaq: VARI – News) today announced its new line of atomic absorption (AA) spectrometers. The AA280 series comprises two innovative and easy-to-use systems: the Fast Sequential (FS) model and the Zeeman model. The AA280 Fast Sequential (FS) system combines Varian, Inc.’s patented FS design with eight- lamp capability, to provide greater flame AA performance and reduced running costs and the AA280 Zeeman system combines Varian, Inc.’s fast Transverse Zeeman background correction with a new GTA-120 graphite furnace which significantly enhances overall performance.

AA spectrometry is a very specific and sensitive technique used for the determination of trace metals, toxic elements and contaminants in a wide variety of applications, including environmental, pharmaceutical, agriculture, metals fabrication and plating, semiconductor, and food and beverage.

The AA280 matches the speed of sequential ICP-OES (Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy) analysis, made possible by combining the company’s FS technology with research-grade optics incorporating eight-lamp capacity. Researchers often regard ICP-OES as the technology of choice for rapidly determining multiple elements in sequence. With Varian, Inc.’s FS mode, every element in the sample is determined in rapid sequence before moving on to the next sample — providing up to a 50% improvement in speed of analysis when compared to conventional AA spectrometers. Conventional AA spectrometers still analyze all samples for a single element, before repeating all samples for each subsequent element. The increased productivity of the AA280 FS translates into higher sample throughput and lower running costs from reduced lamp usage and reduced gas and reagent consumption, freeing operators’ time to manage other laboratory tasks.

“With more than 50 years of innovation in atomic spectroscopy, we’re pleased to be able to offer a best-in-class instrument and accessories that provide superior operation and analysis results,” said Martin O’Donoghue, vice president of Scientific Instruments, Varian, Inc. “Customers consistently strive for instruments with high productivity and enhanced performance, and our new AA280 demonstrates our commitment to deliver an instrument that not only suits laboratory needs, but also provides a great return on their investment.”

Varian’s FS technologies also enhance data produced by the AA280 flame system. The automated burner adjuster and programmable gas control ensure that the optimum settings are automatically set when switching from one element to another, ensuring the highest sensitivity and the most stable and reproducible flame performance. Additionally, by designating one element to be monitored as an internal standard during FS flame AA determinations, the instrument software can apply corrections to improve the precision and accuracy of the measurements. Internal standard correction can be applied online and allows correction for errors that may occur during sample preparation, such as from inaccurate dilution or matrix matching. Internal standard correction also improves long-term stability by allowing correction for drift that may occur during extended operation.

Varian’s AA280 FS also features the new preemptive sampling mode, which allows sample throughput to be improved over 10% when using flame autosampling techniques. With preemptive sampling the instrument monitors the sample readings, and moves the autosampler probe to the next solution while the previous reading is still in progress. This reduces sample-to-sample delays, further improving throughput, and reduces running costs.

Varian, Inc.’s AA280 FS is compatible with a wide range of accessories including vapor generation for determination of toxic elements such as mercury, arsenic, and selenium at trace (sub parts per billion) concentrations, and the new GTA-120 graphite furnace, which offers up to 40% cut in gas consumption and improved tube lifetimes, for further reductions in running costs.

The Varian, Inc. GTA-120 graphite furnace incorporates Gas Minimization Technology (GMT) that reduces gas consumption by up to 40%, compared with previous designs, and extends lifetime of the graphite tube. With the new GTA-120, tube lifetimes have more than doubled, with typical lifetimes for copper of up to five thousand firings. To match this productivity a new graphite furnace autosampler expands capacity to up to 135 solutions guaranteeing extended operation for busy laboratories. In addition, the new GTA-120 now features the optional Tube-CAM — providing real time video viewing of the graphite furnace during the important sample dispensing, drying, and ashing phases of measurement. To further enhance easy method development, a Surface Response Methodology (SRM) wizard is provided that automatically optimizes the graphite furnace temperature program to the optimum conditions. Varian, Inc.’s new GTA-120 graphite furnace enhances productivity, reduces setup times, lowers running costs and enhances ease of use.

The new AA280 series instruments and accessories are shipping and are available for immediate order. For additional information, please visit or for literature contact:

Varian, Inc.

Marketing Department

2700 Mitchell Drive

Walnut Creek, CA 94598

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