Waters Corporation Expands the MaxPeak Premier Column Family with New 3.5 µm HPLC Columns

Waters enables full chromatographic scalability for analytical chromatography with MaxPeak™ Premier Columns for UPLC, UHPLC, and HPLC

WHO: Waters Corporation, Milford, Massachusetts, USA

WHAT: Waters Corporation has expanded the MaxPeak Premier Column family with the addition of HSS T3, BEH Amide, and BEH C8 columns with 3.5 µm particles. The columns are available in 2.1 and 4.6 mm ID, from 50, 100, 150, and 250* mm length, in standard and VanGuard™ FIT Column formats, and method validation kits.

MaxPeak Premier Columns eliminate the problem of non-specific adsorption of analytes to metal surfaces by providing a highly effective barrier that mitigates undesired interactions between analytes and metal surfaces. This reduces the need for column conditioning and can increase recovery and peak symmetry. MaxPeak Premier Columns combine trusted particle technology with inert hardware to improve confidence in results and enable scientists to develop robust and reliable methods.

WHY: As scientists continue to expect certainty from their results, MaxPeak Premier Technology is becoming the standard of analysis for chromatographers. MaxPeak Premier Columns enable high recoveries and sharp peaks to be obtained for historically challenging analytes without the need for extensive method development and reduce the risk of unexpected adsorption from novel compounds. MaxPeak Premier 3.5 µm HPLC Columns allow full scalability across all analytical platforms, from UPLC to UHPLC and HPLC, and enables the development of methods that can be easily transferred between laboratories and across platforms.

*4.6 mm ID columns only.

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