New Applied Biosystems TaqMan QSY2 probes enable multiplexing of research assays

WALTHAM, MA. Applied Biosystems TaqMan QSY2 probes enable multiplexing of research assays for up to 6 targets in a single qPCR reaction with industry-leading TaqMan performance

Overview: Biopharma assay developers, as well as clinical research labs, are under constant pressure to save time and reduce costs, while also assuring accuracy and delivering reproducible results. This can be accomplished by maximizing the number of targets per sample using multiplexing. The new Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ QSY2 probes* from Thermo Fisher Scientific demonstrate better assay performance retention when transitioning from single-plex to six-plex, empowering researchers to develop multiplexed in-house assays faster and to unlock the full potential of their qPCR instruments.


The TaqMan QSY2–quenched probe is a new quencher that enables lower background and greater signal to noise ratio with TaqMan 5’ nuclease qPCR probes. Equipped with the Cyanine 5 and Cyanine 5.5 long wavelength dyes, these probes enable 5th and 6th target multiplexing in the far-red spectrum. In head-to-head studies with their counterparts, TaqMan QSY and QSY2 probes demonstrate greater sensitivity, more dynamic range, and better performance retention when scaling from single-plex to six-plex. With this launch, Thermo Fisher offers a full portfolio of dyes and quenchers for maximum assay design flexibility while providing accurate and reproducible results for our customers.


These products are manufactured in facilities that are ISO 13485 certified. By choosing the new Applied Biosystems TaqMan QSY2 probes, healthcare and biopharma assay developers can confidently detect their intended targets with unmatched accuracy and reproducibility.



Key Customer and Applications:
  • Microbial pathogen detection in clinical research labs
  • Detection of impurities and fluctuations for bioproduction processes in Pharma/Biotech R&D and QC labs
  • Gene expression studies in academic research labs


  • Increases performance: TaqMan QSY and QSY2 probes are more sensitive, produce brighter signal, and better retain single-plex performance when scaling to six-plex when compared to their counterparts. ​
  • Optimizes efficiency: TaqMan probes better retain their performance when scaling to multiplex, making assay development more efficient​.

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* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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