Waters Strengthens ACQUITY Ultra Performance LCSystem Product Line With Advanced Detectors

Milford, MA, – Waters Corporation announced today the availability of three advanced detectors specifically designed for Waters ACQUITY Ultra Performance LC™ (UPLC™) System. The three detectors are photodiode array (PDA), evaporative light scattering (ELS) and tunable ultraviolet (TUV) models and bring new versatility to the ACQUITY UPLC System for high-resolution analysis of a wide variety of compounds.

The Waters® ACQUITY UPLC™ is an award-winning, ground-breaking liquid chromatography system that brings laboratories new levels of resolution, sensitivity, speed, and productivity. Whether these scientists are working on new drugs, looking for markers of disease, detecting low level contamination of food or drinking water supplies, recent advances in detector technology mean that scientists using the company’s ACQUITY UPLC System platform can obtain more information per unit of time in the laboratory.

Optimized for Ultra Performance LC, these detectors are designed for low dispersion characteristics, high data acquisition rates, and robust performance. Programming and monitoring is easily controlled from within Waters Empower™ chromatography software or MassLynx™ mass spectrometry software.

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