Wiley Releases Wiley Registry of Mass Spectral Data 2023

The latest release of this essential GC-MS resource offers expanded coverage for more confident compound identification

Wiley, a knowledge company and global leader in research, publishing and knowledge solutions, today announced the release of Wiley Registry of Mass Spectral Data 2023. With over 873,000 spectral, the 2023 release of this field-test and proven MS resource will continue to empower laboratories worldwide with expanded compound coverage to maximize the likelihood of identification.

“A foundational tool for any laboratory engaged in GC-MS analysis, this spectral library remains a ‘lab standard’ that we are consistently evolving to meet the ever-growing research demands,” said Graeme Whitley, Director, New Business Development at Wiley. “This collection offers exceptional reliability as a comprehensive resource for the analysis in a wide range of applications such as environmental, metabolomics, defense/homeland security, forensics, and many more.”

Notable updates in the 2023 release include:

  • Addition of over 50,000 unique compounds with over 56,000 spectra.
  • Expanded coverage of world patents and peer reviewed literature, including DOIs to source articles.
  • All spectra have been assigned a Quality Index (QI), enabling searches to be tuned to exclude spectra below a quality index threshold.
  • The Wiley Registry is now also available as a KnowItAll subscription for continued access to new data between major releases.

Available in the most common instrumentation manufacturer formats, this spectral library is a necessity for any laboratory engaged in GC-MS analysis. Wiley also offers options to access even more data with its Wiley Registry/NIST and the KnowItAll Mass Spectral Library collection to ensure the most comprehensive coverage.

Learn more at Wiley Science Solutions:
For more information about the Wiley Registry of Mass Spectral Data 2023, please visit sciencesolutions.wiley.com/solutions/technique/gc-ms/wiley-registry-of-mass-spectral-data/.

For more information about the combined Wiley Registry/NIST Mass Spectral Library 2023, please visit sciencesolutions.wiley.com/solutions/technique/gc-ms/wiley-registry-nist-mass-spectral-library/.

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