Biotage® PeptiPEC high-throughput kits facilitate fast and low solvent consumption solution for plate-based peptide purification Partnership complements Gyros’ PurePep® EasyClean technology offering with an automated solution for advanced discovery process Uppsala, Sweden: Gyros Protein Technologies AB, a leading provider of peptide synthesizers and reagents and a pioneer in automated nanoliter-scale immunoassays, and Biotage, a global life sciences company, providing […]

Melbourne  – DKSH’s Business Unit Technology has announced its partnership with PromoChrom Technologies, a leading manufacturer of Solid Phase Extraction instruments. DKSH will provide full services, including market analysis and research, marketing and sales, distribution and logistics, and after-sales services for PromoChrom’s solid phase extraction systems and consumables. PromoChrom’s systems are designed to cater for […]

Ram Laxman brings executive leadership experience from 10x Genomics, Illumina, and Pacific Biosciences to expand BioSkryb’s international footprint DURHAM, N.C. –  BioSkryb Genomics, a company transforming single-cell analysis by enabling the most complete multiomic view of the cellular ecosystem, from discovery to diagnostics, has appointed Ram Laxman, Ph.D., as Chief Commercial Officer. Dr. Laxman will […]

Anton Paar has been using microwave digestion technology since 1989. Now the ASC product line is introducing the latest Multiwave series. “Compared to its predecessor, the single Multiwave 7000, we now offer a range of three devices,” explains Product Manager Astrid Knall. This value tiering – a graduation of the scope of delivery and therefore also […]

Vienna – Lexogen, a pioneer in the field of genomics and transcriptomics, is proud to introduce the groundbreaking LUTHOR High-Definition Single Cell 3’ mRNA-Seq Kit, a game-changing innovation that sets new standards in single-cell RNA sequencing. LUTHOR HD is a cutting-edge protocol that opens the doors to the world of High-Definition Single-Cell RNA sequencing. Unlike traditional […]

TissueLyser III bead mill instrument can be used to effectively disrupt samples such as bones, as well as animal and plant tissue to enable access to nucleic acids TissueLyser III enhances QIAGEN portfolio for high-throughput sample preparation RNeasy PowerMax Soil Pro Kit compatible with TissueLyser III, utilizes advanced Inhibitor Removal Technology for challenging soil samples […]

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Bioz, Inc., a leading AI software company based in Silicon Valley, is thrilled to announce its partnership with InnovaPrep, a prominent supplier of innovative sample collection and concentration solutions that transform microbiological workflows to detect threats faster, easier, and better. InnovaPrep has been supporting industry, public health labs, academia, and government […]

REHOVOT, Israel — Sequentify, a Weizmann Institute spinoff that develops synthetic biology and AI software to enable rapid targeted DNA sequencing, is pleased to announce Stanford Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine will be using its NGS targeted panels for acute myeloid leukemia (AML) somatic mutation detection. Applications include basic and translational research into AML pathogenesis […]

SEATTLE — Parse Biosciences, a leading provider of accessible and scalable single cell sequencing solutions, today announced an agreement with India-based Spinco Biotech to further extend its reach in Asia. This is Parse’s latest expansion in the APAC region following an agreement last year with Research Instruments Pte Ltd to distribute its products in Southeast Asia. “We’re […]

INDIANAPOLIS – Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, a global leader in laboratory automation and innovation, continues to lead the way with next-generation sequencing (NGS) research solutions. Today the company announces a collaboration agreement with Pillar Biosciences, which develops and distributes IVD & RUO NGS testing solutions based on their proprietary SLIMamp® technology to help localize patient […]