China’s ranking for nanotech R&D investments is on the rise, according to a report by Lux Research. China’s climb is credited to lower business costs. In terms of government expenditure, the US, Japan and Germany were the top three in 2006, spending $1.78 billion, $975 million and $563 million, respectively. But when lower business costs are factored in, China ranked third with $906 million in government spending. Corporate spending on nanotech R&D in China totaled $165 million in 2006, a 68% increase from 2005. However, this figure is still far behind spending levels in the US and Japan—$1.93 billion and $1.70 billion, respectively. Since 1995, China has published more than 25,000 publications on nanoscale science and engineering, ranking the nation second in publications behind the US.

Source: Electronics Supply & Manufacturing

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