In 2007, Egypt imported $40 million of biotechnology laboratory equipment, and the market is expected grow 10% per year. The government’s five-year plan for 2007–2012 will spend $800 million to upgrade equipment in scientific research centers. In addition, the plan sets aside $5.3 billion for agriculture, including the development of biotech-based crops, and $5.1 billion for medical services, including biotech spending by universities and research centers. The Ministry of Health is spending $200 million over three years to develop liver transplants. The estimated market size for the Egyptian biotech laboratory equipment is $50 million for 2008. Research centers and institutes, universities and private clinics account for 50%, 40% and 10% of the market, respectively. In 2008, US companies are again expected to account for 40% of imports. Germany, the UK, Japan, France and China supply 20%, 15%, 10%, 10% and 5% of imported biotech laboratory equipment, respectively. The custom duty for such equipment is 5%. Source: US Commercial Service

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