Electrochemistry News

Product Introductions

Horiba launched the waterproof Multi Water Quality Checker U-50 Series for on-site measurement of up to 11 water-quality parameters in environmental waters.

WTW GmbH released the handheld single-parameter ProfLine Series for pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen (DO) measurements, consisting of three new product families: the 3110 series, 3210 series and 3310 series.

YSI launched the handheld Pro20 DO instrument for water-quality sampling in water and wastewater applications in the lab or field.

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced the Orion Star series RDO portable optical DO meters, sensors and accessories. The series is available in three configurations.

Mettler-Toledo launched the portable SevenGo Duo instruments for multiparameter measurements of pH, conductivity, DO and ion concentration. Three instruments (the SG23, SG78 and SG68) are available.

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