Company Announcements

In May, Electronic Sensor Technology named US Nuclear as a distributor. DataApex announced in May that Apix Analytics is now a distributor of PixL Lab, the OEM version of its Clarity Chromatography Software. In July, at Coca-Cola’s Charlotte, North Carolina facility, Alpha MOS completed the final phase a beverage testing project that used the Heracles QA Solution technology for detecting the presence of off-flavors. Driven by security sales, INFICON’s first quarter sales for its Security & Energy business rose 56.5% to $7.2 million, or 7% of total company sales.  

Product Introductions

PAC AC Analytical Controls preannounced in February the introduction of the next generation DHA (Detailed Hydrogen Analysis) software for its XLNC suite, a software suite for GC-based DHA systems. In May, Phenomenex, a Danaher company, introduced the Zebron ZB-624PLUS GC columns for VOC analysis. The columns are stable up to 300/320 °C.

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