Gel Electrophoresis

Company Announcements

Life Therapeutics spun out its LifeGels division, a manufacturer of electrophoresis gels, and Life Bioprocess division into a new company, NuSep, in late 2006. The divisions’ 2006 sales rose 95% to $793,000. Nu Sep is expected to list on the Australian stock exchange in late March.

Under a partnership for sales, marketing and distribution, CLC bio, a developer of DNA and protein sequence analysis software, will sell and market Kapelan’s LabImage 1D 2006 gel analysis software.

Product Introductions

Media Cybernetics released the Gel-Pro Analyzers 6.0 gel analysis software.

Hoefer, a Harvard Bioscience company, introduced the ULTima imaging platform for gel documentation, consisting of four models.

Invitrogen introduced E-Gel CloneWell SYBR gels for improved cloning efficiency.

Scie-Plan launched the HU15 standardized gel electrophoresis unit for separations of up to 150 samples.

SoftGenetics released jelMarker for the conversion of slab gel files into a standard format for importing into GeneMarker software.

Syngene introduced the Dyversity 4 automated multifunctional image analyzer for 1D and 2D gels.

Cleaver Scientific released the OmniPAGE mini vertical gel electrophoresis unit for protein PAGE separations and electroblotting applications.

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