Laser Ablation Assets Change Hands

Fremont, CA 1/9/18—Applied Spectra (ASI), a provider of LIBS and laser ablation technology, has purchased the rights to manufacture, sell and support three of Australian Scientific Instruments’ systems. Financial details were not provided. The RESOlution, Alphachron, and RESOchron systems adds excimer laser ablation (LA) and helium thermochronology instruments to ASI’s offerings. “The LA instrument line from Applied Spectra now encompasses solid state and excimer lasers utilizing nanosecond and femtosecond laser pulses,” commented ASI President and CEO Dr. Jong H. Yoo. “This product line acquisition allows us to access the instrument technology with its highly regarded reputation for geoscience discoveries and bring the outstanding business and technical team of ASI into our organization to continue advancing the acquired product line.” Manufacturing of the systems will relocate to ASI’s headquarters in California.

LA removes materials on the surface of a samples, such as metals. It is used prior to employing atomic spectroscopy techniques, such as ICP-AES, alleviating the need for sample preparation. The RESOlution system is designed for LA-ICP-MS. Also used with ICP-MS analyses, the Alphachron is a quadrupole MS–based instrument for extracting and measuring radiogenic helium in mineral samples for radiometric age dating. The RESOchron is also designed for radiometric dating.

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