Life Science Consumables: Product Introductions

GE Healthcare introduced illustra plasmidPrep Midi Flow and Mini Spin plasmid DNA purification kits, illustra blood genomicPrep Mini Spin and Midi Flow genomic DNA purification kits, and illustra GFX PCR DNA and Gel Band Purification kits.

QIAGEN launched the QIAplex PCR multiplex assays, consisting of the ResPlex I, ResPlex II and StaphPlex Panels, which allow the parallel detection of more than 10 bacterial and viral targets in a single reaction.

Carestream Health’s Molecular Imaging Systems division released KODAK X-SIGHT imaging agent antibody conjugates for in vitro imaging applications.

Sigma-Aldrich introduced the PhosDecor Fluorescent Phosphoprotein In-Gel Detection Kit.

Sigma-Aldrich launched the Imprint DNA Modification kit, based on Bisulfite DNA modification technology licensed from Epigentek Group.

Invitrogen introduced the Gibco AlgiMatrix 3D culture system, an animal origin–free bioscaffold designed to replace two-dimensional culture dishes.

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