Liquid Chromatography: Product Introductions

Grace Davison Discovery Sciences released the VisionHT line of ultrahigh-pressure columns with a 12,000 psi pressure rating. They are compatible with all ultra high-pressure systems. Varian combined its Load & Lock column technology with the PLRP-S rigid polymeric reversed phase media from its Polymer Laboratories subsidiary for preparation and process chromatography. Varian introduced the VariPep Peptide Solution for synthetic peptides, including the VariTide RPC (Reversed Phase Chromatography) single, universal HPLC column and the VariPure IPE (Ion Pair Extraction) flow-through media. Dionex released the IonPac AS17-C column for inorganic anions in high-purity water matrices. Cecil Instruments introduced the Q-Adept quaternary low-pressure gradient HPLC system.

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