Materials Characterization: Product Introductions

Horiba introduced the Vacuum Cell dry powder option and Slurry Sampler autosampler for its Partica LA-950 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer. Reichert Analytical Instruments released the Abbe Mark II manual transmission refractometer. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduced the EZ Test line of universal tabletop testers, comprising two base models. Viscotek launched the HorizonDLS microplate instrument, featuring single-mode fiber optical detection and automated measurements. Malvern Instruments released a chromatography flow-mode option for the Zetasizer Nano system, enabling its use as an inline detector for absolute size exclusive chromatography. Mettler-Toledo introduced the Lasentec PVM (Particle Video Microscopy) in situ probe-based microscopy tool for quantifying particle dimension and shape, featuring optical resolution down to 2 µm. MISCO released the AMAX Remote computer application for real-time, bidirectional control of its Abbe Max digital lab refractometers. Instron launched the ElectroPuls electrodynamic testing systems. Instron introduced the ETMT 8800 multifunctional testing system for testing metals and other conductive materials.

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