Microarrays: Product Introductions

febit launched a Geniom Biochip for all known microRNA sequences, available as a Ready-To-Go-Biochip or made on site by the company’s Geniom One instrument. In May, febit introduced the Geniom RT Analyzer for sample hybridization, automated processing and analysis for multiple applications, including multiplex amplification on a chip and dynamic detection. Geniom Biochips can be used up to four times. Illumina released Illumina Connect, a software partnership program offering customers access to third-party providers of applications for processing array data. Affymetrix launched the Targeted Genotyping Bovine 25K SNP Service, including a new assay panel. In May, Affymetrix launched the single-array Genome-Wide Human SNP Array 6.0 for genotyping. NimbleGen Systems introduced DNA methylation analysis tiling microarrays and services in May. Arrayjet introduced the Sprint inkjet microarray spotter, featuring a capacity for 20 microarray slides. PREMIER Biosoft International launched TMA Foresight 2.0 for tissue microarray data analysis.

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