Molecular Spectroscopy: Company Announcements

Konica Minolta Sensing appointed Metalinspec and Equipar as Mexican distributors. Metrolab was appointed a technical support provider for Mexico.

Perten Instruments AB named Newport Scientific an exclusive distributor for North America effective April 1.

Perten will exclusively distribute Newport Scientific’s products in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway beginning this month.

Perten will integrate CAMO Software’s OLUP (OnLine Unscrambler Predictor) online prediction engine into its DA 7200 NIR instrument.

Delta Photonics named Princeton Instruments/Acton as its exclusive distributor for the Canadian market.

Digilab will exclusively distribute Boehringer Ingelheim’s microParts UV-Vis microspectrometer in the Americas and Australia for OEM and end-user applications.

X-Rite forecasted 2007 revenues to grow 4%–6%.

FOSS A/S 2006 revenues increased 9% to €183 million ($228.8 million) (see IBO 5/15/07). Profit after tax increased 34% to €23 million ($28.8 million).

FOSS opened a sales and service subsidiary in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in May.

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