Molecular Spectroscopy: Product Introductions

HunterLab launched the UltraScan VIS spectrophoto­meter for measurement of both reflected and transmitted color and transmission haze.

HiperScan GmbH introduced the SGS1900 NIR, featuring new scanning grating technology.

Analytical Spectral Devices released the TerraSpec portable mineral spectrometer.

PerkinElmer introduced the Spectrum 400 IR spectro­meter, which can automatically switch between NIR and MIR measurement modes and dual sampling positions.

PerkinElmer released new Spectrum Express software, designed for routine testing and academic teaching environments, for its Spectrum One and Spectrum 100 series of FT-IR and FT-NIR instruments.

Beckman Coulter introduced the nanoVette microliter accessory for its DU 800 and DU 730 UV/Vis spectrophotometers for sample sizes as small as 0.7 µl.

NanoDrop Technologies launched the ND-8000 eight-sample spectrophotometer for the measurement of eight

1 µl samples concurrently without cuvettes or capillaries.

A2 Technologies introduced the Mobility Series of FT-IR spectrometers, consisting of the MLp, ML and MLx systems, for field and process applications.

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced a new module for vibrational circular dichroism and infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy for its Nicolet 8700 FT-IR system.

JASCO launched the compact VIR-9000 series FT-IR system, featuring three configurations.

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