Company Announcements

Earlier this year, Plasmion announced a distribution agreement with Axel Semrau for its SICRIT ambient ionization source, which decouples the ionization from the sample delivery. It can be combined with GC or HPLC. In June, Thermo Fisher Scientific announced a collaboration with LC company Evosep to develop and promote robust, high-throughput workflows for clinical proteomics. The collaboration will be centered around work at the Boston-based Thermo Scientific Precision Medicine Science Center. Shimadzu announced in June a comarketing agreement with Protein Metrics to combine their respective Q-TOF technology and Byos software for automated biotherapeutic characterization workflows. 908 Devices announced in June expanded compatibility of its ZipChip separation platform to include Thermo Fisher Scientific's Fusion Lumos and TSQ MS product lines, and the SCIEX Triple Quad and QTRAP series instruments. In June, Microsaic entered into a distribution agreement with Omicron Research, which will distribute Microsaic’s 4500 MiD MS detector in the UK. Omicron is also a distributor of CAMAG thin layer chromatography products. Microsaic announced in June a exclusive distribution agreement with Amedis for Slovakia.  

Product Introductions

In April, JPT Peptide Technologies released the Human Proteome Peptide Catalog, an online resource for validated reference peptides in MS-based proteomics. It provides access to over 400,000 light and heavy proteotypic peptides. In June, 908 Devices launched extended-­life chips and a Native Antibody Assay Kit as part of their ZipChip consumables line. Extended­-life ZipChips allow up to 250 samples per chip, compressing a typical 5-­day process into less than 24 hours, according to the company. Advion introduced in June the TAMI software suite for the expression Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS). Developed by Aviv Analytica, the software provides elemental formulae from mass spectra. In June, Thermo Fisher Scientific released new Thermo Scientific ChromaCon flush solutions and UHPLC-MS ultrapure solvents (acetonitrile, methanol, water and IPA). The products include the LC-MS Instrument Flush Solution and LC-MS Biologics Flush Solution. Shimadzu launched in June the AuraSolution, SampleStation and QC Reporter software packages for the MALDI-8020 linear benchtop system for simplified analysis and visualization of imaging data.

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