Functional Genomics in Norway (FUGE), which was established in 2002 to build a knowledge base and infrastructure that would help Norway to work at the frontiers of functional genomics research has announced a budget of NOK 920 million ($154.4 million) for 2007–2011, of which NOK 420 million ($70.5 million) is now available for funding projects. All applications have been received, and the organization will choose the projects to be funded shortly. FUGE has divided its applicant pool into three “channels”: channels one and two are for applications that involve established technologies at single institutions (e.g., bioinformatics) and multi-institution networks (e.g., proteomics), respectively, while channel three is for new technologies (e.g., systems biology). The program is expected to end after 2011, and Norwegian universities will begin to assume FUGE’s responsibilities going forward. Source: The Research Council of Norway

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