Nucleic Acid Amplification: Product Introductions

Esco introduced the Swift range of thermal cyclers, including Swift Mini and Swift Maxi models and the Swift Spectrum four-channel real-time cyclers.

Sigma-Aldrich launched the GenomePlex Tissue Whole Genome Amplification Kit, featuring an optimized tissue lysis and extraction procedure that eliminates the need for deparaffinization or DNA purification.

Applied Biosystems introduced the AmpFLSTR MiniFiler PCR Amplification Kit for forensic DNA analysis of degraded or inhibited DNA samples, and VALID Software for forensic DNA labs to simplify validation studies. The software will ship in early summer.

Applied Biosystems launched the Veriti 96-well thermal cycler, featuring VeriFlex Blocks for greater control over temperature regulation.

NuGEN Technologies introduced the WT-Ovation FFPE System whole transcriptome amplification system.

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