According to the National Science Foundation’s latest figures, US R&D spending grew an estimated 6.0% in 2006 to $342.9 billion, compared to 2005 growth of 7.8%. Adjusted for inflation, 2006 real R&D expenditures rose 3.5%, down from growth of 5.0% in 2005. The increase was driven by private sector spending, as real R&D spending by business rose 4.9% last year, but government spending was flat. Industry represented 65% of total R&D expenditures, the federal government represented 28%, colleges and universities accounted for 4% and other nonprofit organizations accounted for 3%. The federal government funded 63.3% of academic R&D. Development accounted for 58% of R&D expenditures in 2006, while applied research and basic research represented 23% and 19%, respectively. The federal government funded 60% of basic research, while industry funded 61% of applied research and 82% of development.

Source: National Science Foundation

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