According to Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), the semiconductor industry experienced its second best year ever in 2007,with worldwide sales for semiconductor manufacturing equipment of $42.77 billion, a 6% increase from 2006. Experts believe this increase is due to both the growth of the 300 mm ramp and intensive memory investments. The statistics are based on seven manufacturing regions and 23 product categories. For the year, Taiwan was the biggest supplier of semiconductor equipment, with sales increasing 46% to $10.6 billion. Japan and Korea followed, with a 1.1% increase to $9.31 billion and a 4.8% increase to $7.35 billion, respectively. North American sales decreased 10.1% to $9.31 billion, and Chinese sales increased 26.2% to $7.35 billion. Sales for the Rest of World and Europe decreased 18% and 11% to $2.94 billion and $17.9 billion respectively.

Source: SEMI

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