UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), the organization that is responsible for directing research funding in the UK that was launched in April, has announced its strategic goal to help further the region's R&D investment to 2.45% of GDP by 2027, and eventually to 3%, with the reception of an additional £7 billion ($9.5 billion) by 2021–2022 from the government. UKRI will work with the UK's seven research councils (Arts & Humanities, Biotechnology & Biological Sciences, Economic & Social, Engineering & Physical Sciences, Medical, Natural Environment and Science & Technology Facilities), as well as Research England and Innovate UK, to accelerate R&D. Collaboration is a priority for UKRI, and as part of its strategic plan, the organization intends to work with the private and academic sectors, charities, independent research institutes and stakeholders to assess the sustainability of the UK's current research system. To achieve its goals, UKRI wants to strengthen its foundations, specifically in the areas of talent, transparency, diversity and research culture. UKRI is also launching a Strategic Priorities Fund, which will serve as a "common research fund" to drive innovation in multi- and interdisciplinary research areas and promote funding in areas that have previously struggled with receiving funds; confirm that UKRI's investments align with the government's research priorities, helping strengthen collaborative relationships between researchers and policymakers; and ensure that important research that is not in line with other research programs are adequately funded. In addition, UKRI has launched the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, which will focus on research for AI and the data economy, the future of mobility (including robotics and batteries), clean energy growth and medicine manufacturing for an aging society. Source: UKRI

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