Despite economic upheaval and cost concerns, instrument and laboratory product company executives are optimistic about future sales growth, according to the latest IBO Business Climate Survey, which was conducted this month. Fifty-nine percent of the 22 executives surveyed by IBO expected that instrument sales industry wide would “increase moderately” in the next six months. This […]

New York, NY 5/9/08—Enzo Biochem has acquired BIOMOL International for $15 million in cash, $3 million in unregistered stock, and earn outs over two year. BIOMOL is a provider of more than 3,300 products for the areas of signal transduction, lipid research, apoptosis, neuroscience and drug discovery with a research focus in functional proteomics. Based […]

In the first quarter of 2008, revenues for IBO’s Laboratory Instrument Sales Index grew 11.4% to $4,557 million. Operating profit jumped 14.3% to $758 million, and operating margin climbed 40 basis points to 16.6% of sales. Acquisitions and favorable currency effects continue to positively impact revenue growth and operating results, particularly for companies such as […]

In standard X-ray diffraction (XRD), an X-ray source illuminates the sample and characteristic diffraction patterns are formed due to the constructive interference of X-rays diffracting from the sample’s atoms. In particular, crystalline samples create sharp diffraction patterns due to the crystal lattice’s regular spacing of atoms. The mathematical relation that governs this process, Bragg’s Law, […]

Santa Clara, CA 5/7/08—Agilent Technologies has acquired the assets of Dowpharma’s Nucleic Acid Medicine business. The purchase is part of Agilent’s expansion of its Nucleic Acid Solutions Division, which offers therapeutic nucleic acid development services and manufacturing solutions. “Agilent will have the ability to serve customers from preclinical through large-scale commercial launch with facilities, equipment […]

Company Announcements In February, Covidien announced that it plans to divest its Specialty Chemical division, which includes the Mallinckrodt Baker laboratory chemicals business. In fiscal 2007, Specialty Chemicals revenue totaled $422 million. The company expects to complete the sale by year end. Ace Glass signed a multiyear agreement with VWR to become a core supplier […]

Company Announcements Crosslinks BV joined InforSense’s Open Partner Network. LabWare’s 2007 revenues increased over 14% to $70 million and the company signed over 75 new customers. CAMO Software AS opened an Australian office in Sydney in March. Symyx Technologies joined the Microsoft BioIT Alliance. Agilent will distribute an embedded version of Accelrys’ SciTegic Pipeline Pilot […]

Issaquah, WA 5/5/08—Applied Precision LLC has been sold to its management team and Telegraph Hill Partners, effective April 29. The new company, Applied Precision, Inc., will continue to offer its DeltaVision microscopy-based imaging products as well as OEM products, including the arrayWoRx scanner platform and precision control solutions. CEO and Chairman Ron Seubert will remain, […]