Secondary neutral MS (SNMS) is an interesting variation on secondary ion MS (SIMS). Both techniques provide sensitive analysis of the chemical composition of the sample surface, as well as the ability to probe layers beneath the surface in destructive depth-profiling applications. Despite the similarities, SNMS provides certain advantages that may be important for particular applications. […]

Fluxion Bioscience’s BioFlux 1000Z system for live cell imaging was launched in December. The system simulates physiological environments while performing in vitro cell-based assays utilizing microfluidic channels to drive the flow across the cellular sample. Unlike the BioFlux 1000, which is used with a Nikon microscope, this model is built around the Zeiss AxioObserver microscopy […]

Company Announcements Sanyo North America’s Biomedical Solutions Division opened a new production assembly line in Sanyo E&E’s Tijuana factory in September for assembly of the Japanese-made parts into insulated ultra-low temperature freezes for North American orders. VWR Scientific officially opened its new corporate headquarters at the Radnor Corporate Center in Radnor, Pennsylvania, in October. The […]

Company Announcements Sensor and sensor-based systems manufacturer Measurement Specialties announced in September the acquisition of Pressure Systems, a provider of pressure sensing instrumentation for aerospace research and hydrostatic water-monitoring systems, from Esterline Technologies for $25 million in cash. YSI announced in November the appointment of Mark W. Matson as vice president of Operations and COO. […]

Company Announcements Staffan Lindstrand, partner at HealthCap, resigned from Biotage’s Board in October. HealthCap sold its shares in Biotage in August. In November, Waters launched the Centers of Innovation Program to support scientific innovation in the fields of health and life science research, sports science, food safety, clinical research and environmental protection. The company announced […]

Company Announcements Life Technologies signed an exclusive license agreement for Novici Biotech’s ErrASE, a DNA error–correction kit. Life Technologies plans to integrate the technology into its synthetic biology offerings and retains rights to sublicense it. Life Technologies signed a strategic licensing agreement in November for exclusive rights to produce and supply Biopredic International’s cryopreserved HepaRG […]

In a blow to UK science, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has announced the budgets for university research for upcoming fiscal years (see IBO 10/31/10). Funding for science and research programs has been “ringfenced.” Instead, capital funding will bear the brunt of spending cuts. “We shall delay capital investment to maximize investment in […]

In an attempt to entice foreign companies to establish regional headquarters or R&D centers in Japan to counteract its dwindling appeal as a business locale, the Japanese cabinet has approved a package of incentives. The new policy, which will be effective in April, entitles foreign firms that meet the requirements to receive a 20% tax […]