This year, instrument sales-growth potential by geographic region differs significantly. China leads the pack with solid growth, albeit tempered by external influences and government policies. The US and Canada are a bright spot as the largest market, expanding over 5%. US economic improvement coupled with lower energy costs makes this an enviable market. India should […]

The UK’s science and innovation strategy was released this month, reflecting the government’s long-term commitment to science despite challenging economic times. Included in the strategy are plans for funding for scientific infrastructure and research, and for spurring innovation. Capital funding for science will receive £5.9 billion ($9.3 billion) from fiscal 2016 through fiscal 2021, with […]

A survey of 186 EU-based companies, which together in 2013 invested €60 billion ($80 billion) in R&D, showed that the firms expect R&D investment to grow on average 4.2% annually from 2014 to 2016. The highest expected increases in spending are by aerospace and defense, health care equipment and services, and fixed-line telecommunication firms, with […]