Thirteen of the 20 companies in the IBO Laboratory Sales Index reported fourth-quarter earnings before this issue’s publication. OI was removed following the acquisition by ITT in November (see IBO 9/15/10). Based on estimates for companies yet to report, fourth-quarter revenue for the Index improved 6.2%, including a loss of 0.2% from currency, to $5,912.9 […]

The excitement about and focus on genomic sequencing stems from the high sales growth and untapped potential of massively parallel sequencing technologies, or next-generation sequencing (NGS). The current generation of sequencers employs similar chemistries, yet utilizes unique strategies. Roche’s Genome Sequencer FLX and GS Junior systems use a combination of emulsion PCR, and sequence by […]

NanoString Technologies was founded in 2003 to develop a technology to detect and count large sets of target molecules in biological samples. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, the company employs about 90 people and has raised more than $47 million since it was founded. NanoString Technologies launched its first commercial instrument, the nCounter Analysis System, in […]

Company Announcements Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory Products announced a partnership with SGE Analytical Science in fall 2010 to distribute SGE’s ProteCol HPLC columns. BioSystem Development announced in November 2010 a collaboration with BAC BV to develop high-affinity ligands for its AssayMAP platform. BAC will contribute its CaptureSelect Antibody Toolbox affinity ligands. Semba Biosciences partnered with […]

Company Announcements Ingenuity Systems integrated its IPA software with TransMed System’s XB Bio-Integration Suite, Geospiza’s Genesifter software for next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflows, and CLC bio’s software for array and NGS data analysis. Advanced Chemistry Development entered into a five-year research collaboration with the FDA to develop quantitative structure-activity relationship toxicity models for regulatory and research […]

Company Announcements Shrink Nanotechnologies gained an exclusive right to use and sublicense Corning’s modular “plug-and-play” microfluidic system for at least eight years. Caliper Life Sciences is collaborating with Sony DADC Austria AG to develop and manufacture plastic consumables for its next-generation microfluidics products using Sony’s Blu-ray Disc manufacturing technology. They have developed consumables for the […]

Company Announcements Hitachi High-Technologies filed a new suit in September 2010 in Tokyo District Court to request damages related to its charges of infringement by FEI Japan of focused ion beam patents. This suit involves different patent rights than an earlier suit (see IBO 7/15/10). FEI is collaborating with Nanonics Imaging to explore the possibility […]

Earlier this month, PRO INNO Europe released the 2010 Innovation Union Scoreboard (IUS), a tool for assessing innovation performance. The Scoreboard relies on 25 indicators to capture the performance of national research and innovation systems and assesses the 27 Member States, as well as Croatia, Serbia, Turkey, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. The indicators fall into […]