Company Announcements Agilent and Duquesne University announced the establishment of a Center of Excellence for MS for research in the life sciences and environmental analysis. Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Biomarker Research Initiatives in MS Center extended its two-year collaboration with George Mason University’s Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine, John Hopkins University and Toronto’s University […]

Ultrasonic homogenizers use ultrasonic sound waves to create cavitation, which is the rapid formation and collapse of minute bubbles. These imploding bubbles vibrate violently, creating mechanical waves that disrupt the surrounding cells/particles. Ultrasonic homogenizers are heavily used in life sciences laboratories to disrupt cells and tissues. Applications include tissue preparation, nucleic acid extraction and the […]

Company Announcements Autoclave manufacturer SHP Steriltechnik AG signed a joint venture agreement with Vietnam-based Vinacontrol and FCS-Service GmbH to establish a company that will operate food-testing labs in Vietnam. Biohit’s ErgoTube microcentrifuge tubes will be branded and sold by both Biohit and BioCision, and Biohit will copromote BioCision’s CoolRack microfuge tube racks. New Jersey newspaper […]

Following up on the IBO’s April 30 article on photovoltaic energy (PV), the International Energy Agency (IEA) released its Technology Roadmap for PV earlier this month, highlighting PV’s bright future. Solar energy currently leads all clean energy technology in terms of venture capital investments, with an 88% increase from 2007 to 2008 to $5.45 billion. […]

Company Announcements Sigma-Aldrich announced a corporate partnership with the European Molecular Biology Laboratory Advanced Training Center. Sigma-Aldrich will exclusively distribute Highlands Stable Isotope’s set of stable isotope–labeled synthetic reagents through its ISOTEC product lines. International Stem Cell’s Lifeline Cell Technology subsidiary named Veritas as its Japanese distributor. TriLink BioTechnologies named Cedarlane as a distributor for […]

Founded in 1997, Genedata AG provides modular software suites for drug discovery and other sectors of life science research. Genedata’s three major software platforms are the Phylosopher for target discovery, the Expressionist for biomarker discovery and the Screener for lead discovery. Sales of the three platforms are evenly split. According to Othmar Pfannes, Genedata’s CEO, […]

Company Announcements Applied Research & Photonics and the SAIC-Frederick entered into a collaboration to assess terahertz spectrometry for the analysis of structures and materials supporting biopharmaceuticals manufacturing. Stratophase announced in January that it secured £2.5 million ($4.0 million) in follow-on funding. InProcess Instruments named Dr. Andreas Pickuth managing director in February. In February, Thermo Fisher […]

Company Announcements The Automation Partnership agreed to distribute AVISO GmbH’s CellCelector automated stem cell picker in the UK and Ireland. In a March SEC filing, Cyntellect said it raised $3 million from the sale of debt, equity and options or warrants. In May, Accuri Cytometers and eBioscience, a reagent provider, entered into a comarketing agreement. […]

Generic drug sales in Brazil grew 24% last year to $2.5 billion to make up 15% of the country’s drug market, according to IMS. Units sold rose 19.4% to $330.9 million. Pró Genéricos, the generic drug industry organization, expects $444 million of Brazilian drug patents to expire in 2010–2011. Pró Genéricos estimates that there are […]

In 2009, revenues for the Swiss biotechnology industry grew 7.3% to CHF 9,343 million ($8,572 million). R&D spending by the industry rose 6.2% to CHF 2,199 million. Publicly held firms accounted for 80% of revenues and 72% of R&D spending. However, profits for the industry fell 47.6% to CHF 100 million, and liquidity fell 5.3% […]