Pittcon 2018: Solutions and Innovation

Taking place this week in Orlando, Florida, Pittcon kicked off on Monday, February 26. But the exhibition and new product introductions got rolling the next day. A busy schedule meant 7 exhibitor press conferences.

Waters started the day, highlighting the new ACQUITY Arc Bio System, a bio inert version of its ACQUITY Arc System, the new BioResolve family of solid core particle columns, and a several new offerings from its TA Instruments business.

JEOL USA announced product additions at its press conference for its electron microscopy, MS and NMR product lines, displaying the company’s scientific reach.

Anton Paar also described its range of technologies, with new product descriptions, as well as discussed its capabilities for custom metals fabrications. An application of these capabilities is custom continuous flow micro-reactors for pharma companies.

At Shimadzu‘s press conference, key product introductions included the Nexus GC-2030 and IR Spirt FT-IR, which actually made an appearance on the podium itself to demonstrate its compact size.

Bruker was also excited to share a number of new products and product evolutions. These included new iterations of its benchtop ESR (Electron Spin Resonance) technology: a dedicated system for testing beer freshness and a dedicated system for testing edible oil.  FT-NIR and NMR product developments were also highlighted by CEO Frank Laukien, PhD. Professor Jeremy Nicholson, PhD, then gave an intriguing talk on molecular phenotyping.

Thermo Fisher Scientific was next up. The company’s gamut of new products ran from the Thermo Scientific Chromeleon XTR lab management system, with a regulatory focus, to the Vanquish Duo UHPLC system for running 2 analyses simultaneously in 1 instrument, to the Dionex ICS-6000, its highest-end offering for ion chromatography.

Metrohm US finished off the day with a press conference at its booth, highlighting the company’s US operations and announcing the latest winner of its Young Chemist Award, Chi Lin of Arizona State University, who discussed his work for a biosensor for diabetes.