Microscopy is one of the oldest scientific fields, and the microscope has had many improvements over the ages. Traditional microscopy techniques have proven instrumental in research, but technologies such as confocal microscopy tend to be limited in their resolutions by the diffraction properties of light. A couple decades ago, scientists overcame the diffraction limitation through […]

Earlier this week, the Allotrope Foundation, an international consortium of drug makers, announced an achievement in its aim to develop a universal format for scientific data, releasing the Allotrope Data Model (ADM), the third component of the Allotrope Framework. The Allotrope Framework is designed to standardize and contextualize experimental data at the point of creation, […]

“What’s the first thing you think of when you hear Ebola?” asked speaker John Dye, PhD, of the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at the American Society for Microbiology’s (ASM) Biothreats conference, held last week in Arlington, Virginia. Ebola was one of the most talked about high-consequence pathogens at the event. However, the […]

After a strong 2018, growth of the analytical instrument and lab product industry is projected to persist, but will it be sustainable? The IBO Analytical Instrument Industry Forecast and Annual Review seeks to assess this query, providing extensive market data on 10 technology categories for 2017–2020, based on Strategic Directions International’s comprehensive data collection processes. […]

The 37th JP Morgan Healthcare Conference was held January 7–10, 2019, in San Francisco, California, bringing together innovative companies and leaders in the healthcare and investment industries. On January 9, NanoString Technologies gave its presentation and an overview of strategic goals accomplished in 2018, prospects for 2019, and an update on its core and future […]

In June 2012, AOAC International (AOAC) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) signed a cooperation agreement to jointly develop and approve standards specifically related to infant formula and adult nutritionals trade. The agreement also involved collaboration with the International Dairy Federation (IDF), and resulted in the establishment of 12 AOAC/ISO methods which were adopted […]

The advantages of single-cell analysis, especially for oncology research, are clear to scientists and clinicians, as examination of individual cells results in new insights into genetic mutations and interactions. Although a number of lab tool companies have developed techniques for single-cell analysis of RNA, on the other hand, Mission Bio is addressing single-cell DNA analysis. […]