ACD/Labs Announces Automation Software to Fast-track Digitalization and AI-Readiness of R&D Laboratories

To support ongoing digital transformation in life sciences and chemistry-driven organizations, ACD/Labs has introduced Spectrus Conduit—the first out-of-the-box, low-code/no-code application that connects, designs, and manages automated dataflows from analytical instruments and other data sources. Spectrus Conduit creates standardized, harmonized digital twins of the R&D laboratory, improves collaboration, and supports downstream AI/ML applications. ACD/Labs also announced the expansion of their browser-based Spectrus JS portfolio to proliferate access to cloud-based analytical data management.

London, UK —At BioIT World Europe, ACD/Labs, an informatics company that develops and commercializes software in support of R&D, today announced new applications that will help organizations:

  • Implement automated, extensible analytical data flows from over 150 natively supported instrument formats (NMR, LC/MS, IR, etc.) and other laboratory data sources for improved collaboration and data aggregation.
  • Apply digital chemical intelligence, spectral prediction, and contextual science-based data assembly to produce digital twins of analyses, reducing time-to-market decisions.
  • Facilitate digital knowledge proliferation and accessibility while assuring FAIR and ALCOA+ principles.
  • Accelerate machine learning and data science utilization by simplifying data engineering.

ACD/Labs’ Spectrus Platform has helped organizations address their analytical data accessibility challenges for almost thirty years. Decades-long vendor partnerships equip Spectrus Platform users with technique-agnostic, commercial, off-the-shelf support for all major instrument vendor formats. Spectrus offers organizations technologies to support digital transformation (Dx) initiatives—especially those that account for automated data capture, interpretation, and storage of data, with ACD/Labs’ specialty being instrumental analytical chemistry.

Recent Spectrus Platform development efforts have focused on the release of an off-the-shelf, low-code/no-code application for the design and management of workflow automation (Spectrus Conduit). In addition, ACD/Labs has continued migrating the capabilities scientists have relied on for decades to browser-based applications. Software in the Spectrus JS family provides on-demand data processing and the facile distribution of data marshaling and management to improve data accessibility.

Vice President of Innovation and Informatics Strategy at ACD/Labs, Andrew Anderson, says, “We want to help organizations control the flow of their own instrument-generated data but with the flexibility to adapt such controls without relying on extensive configuration and customization services. Commercial, off-the-shelf capabilities now provided by the Spectrus Platform empower organizations to automate the marshaling, processing, analysis, and proliferation of datasets emanating from their instrument data sources. The application of Spectrus analysis capabilities results in digitally contextualized experimental datasets—digital twins—all without unnecessary manual intervention. Spectrus Conduit not only supports facile, automated, data-driven decision-making for scientists, it also reduces the cost and effort of data science practices. Automated, cross-technique-enabled data science is a significant challenge for the analytical data space today.”

“We are building on our legacy of informatics tools to help better address the needs of the scientific community—now and for the digital future,” Anderson continues. “With the introduction of Conduit for automating analytical and instrument workflows, and by continuing the expansion of our browser based Spectrus JS portfolio, we help alleviate software maintenance and support burden on IT teams. We also ensure that your data is not locked into our environment by providing multiple options for export, including JSON export—a necessity when you want to leverage your data for machine learning or AI projects.”

To learn more about Spectrus Conduit, Spectrus JS applications, or the Spectrus Platform, visit ACD/Labs at Booth #13 at BioIT World Europe or

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