Agilent Receives Multiple Life Science Industry Awards for Innovation

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) announced today that it has received two Life Science Industry Awards (LSIA) for ‘Most Innovative New Products in 2019’ from BioInformatics Inc. Since 2002, the LSIA have recognized manufacturers of the ‘tools of science’ that help advance biological research and drug discovery.

The Agilent products were the Magnis NGS Prep System, which received a Silver Award in the genomics category, and the xCELLigence RTCA eSight, which received a Bronze Award in the cell analysis category. Agilent was the only life sciences company nominated twice.

“I’d like to congratulate Agilent for winning not one, but two, Life Science Industry Awards in the categories of cell biology and genomics,” said Craig Overpeck, CEO of BioInformatics Inc. “xCELLigence RTCA eSight and the Magnis NGS Prep System are examples of Agilent’s innovative thinking and commitment to driving life science research forward.”

The fully automated Magnis NGS Prep System includes reagents and protocols that make it easy to assay multiple genes and complex genetic aberrations from genomic DNA, including degraded samples such as formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE).

“With complex NGS library preparation, customers often struggle with retaining skilled lab personnel who can routinely produce high-quality results,” said Kevin Corcoran, Agilent VP, and general manager for biomolecular analysis. “The Magnis was designed as a turn-key automation solution to enable any lab to adopt NGS. Magnis has innovated library prep processing, ensuring optimized, reproducible results that work seamlessly with Agilent’s SureSelect platform.”

The xCELLigence RTCA eSight provides label-free, real-time biosensor measurements, as well as kinetic imaging of the same live cell populations, independently, or simultaneously. It enables scientists to obtain unprecedented information and deep insight into cell health and their responses to a variety of chemical or biological manipulations across a wide spectrum of basic research and therapeutics fields, including cell biology, immunology, immuno-oncology, and immunotherapy.

“It is a great honor for our xCELLigence RTCA eSight, the latest addition to Agilent’s cell analysis portfolio, to receive one of the Most Innovative New Product in 2019 Award – Cell Biology from Bioinformatics,” said Xiaobo Wang, Ph.D., who joined Agilent from ACEA, as general manager of the Flow Cytometry and Real-Time Cell Analysis Business. “The launch of xCELLigence RTCA eSight, with its highly multiplexing capabilities including real-time electronic biosensor measurements and live cell imaging with up to four independent, bright field and fluorescent channels, represents the frontier in live cell analysis. Now researchers can observe cell health and behavior in the greatest mechanistic details to analyze and more fully understand complex cellular environments and interactions through the entire course of the cell-based assay.”

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