art photonics Joins Nynomic AG Family!

art photonics GmbH announces successful sale of 100% of the shares to Nynomic AG

[Berlin] – art photonics GmbH, an established company in the fiber optic technologies market segment, is pleased to announce the successful acquisition by Nynomic AG. The sale marks a significant step in the development of art photonics GmbH and opens up far-reaching perspectives for the future.

By joining the Nynomic AG company portfolio, art photonics GmbH sees the opportunity to combine its 25 years of experience and expertise with the resources and innovative strength of the Nynomic Group. This synergy creates an optimal starting position to continue to offer our customers market-leading fiber technologies while at the same time opening up new growth opportunities.

Dr. Artyushenko Viacheslav, Managing Director of art photonics GmbH, expressed himself positively about the new partnership: “The sale to Nynomic AG opens up extensive opportunities for art photonics. We are very confident and motivated that with this association we will not only be able to strengthen our position in the market, but to be able to create significant added value in cooperation with all Nynomic companies.”

Even after the sale, art photonics GmbH will continue to operate as an independent brand within the Nynomic Group. All existing business relationships, contracts and agreements remain unchanged, and our customers can rest assured that they will continue to receive the proven quality and excellent service from art photonics.

About art photonics GmbH:

Since its founding in Berlin more than 25 years ago, art photonics has continuously set new standards in the development and production of special fiber products for a wide range of spectrums – from UV to mid-infrared. The pioneering work in the extrusion of unique polycrystalline infrared fibers (PIR fibers) has been transformed into the full vertical technology for their industrial production for assembling various cables, bundles and spectroscopy probes in the range of 3 to 16 µm. These probes complement the broad family of spectroscopy probes designed and manufactured by art photonics for in-line control of industrial processes – using all major spectroscopy methods: absorption/transmission, reflection, scattering, fluorescence and Raman scattering. Broad spectrum fiber solutions also enable the flexible delivery of any laser radiation and the development of different fiber sensors for different applications.

About Nynomic:

Nynomic AG is a leading international manufacturer of products for permanent, non-contact and non-destructive optical measurement technology. The Nynomic Group’s products and services are based on a wide range of intelligent sensors for measuring optical radiation and smart technologies for data acquisition, processing and evaluation. They are scalable to different areas of application and, due to their good adaptability to customer processes, represent a high increase in efficiency and high customer benefit. Miniaturization, digitalization, automation – Nynomic consistently uses constant technological change as a basis for above-average growth in the medium term compared to the market. The Nynomic Group has a clear marketing concept as a full-service provider from components to solutions. It is globally positioned with independent brands and subsidiaries and more than 530 employees.

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