Attana signs distribution agreement with Isogen Life Sciences

Stockholm, 24 May, 2007 – Attana AB, a leading supplier of affordable label-free biosensor systems for real-time detection and analysis of molecular interactions, has signed a distribution agreement with Isogen Life Science B.V. ( a leading supplier of products for the life science sector.

Under the terms of agreement Isogen will commence marketing Attana’s systems in Benelux, Spain and Portugal during Q2 2007. Isogen will also provide service and support to Attana customers within the region.

Commenting on the agreement, Dr. Teodor Aastrup (Attana CEO) says, “We are delighted to have come to an agreement with Isogen Life Science regarding the distribution of our products. During the past five years we have built a solid customer base in the Nordic and UK and see this as the next logical step in Attana’s development.”

“Attana has a unique product offering which complements our existing product portfolio very well and we look forward to expanding our product line with the Attana systems.” comments Hans Beijersbergen van Henegouwen (CEO of Isogen Life Science).

ABOUT Isogen Life Science

Isogen Life Science is a leading supplier of products for the life science sector. The company provides a wide range of instruments, reagents and consumables in the areas of cell biology, molecular biology and biochemistry. Isogen Life Science is a merger between B&L Systems (1987), the Benelux distributor for scientific instrument companies, and Isogen Bioscience (1988), a leading producer of DNA, RNA, peptides and related products, which are used around the world by pharmaceutical and biotech companies and leading research institutes. Isogen Life Science has established a strong distributor relationship with many suppliers of innovative products. The headquarters are in IJsselstein, the Netherlands with sales offices in St-Pieters-Leeuw (Belgium) and Barcelona (Spain).

ABOUT Attana

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Attana AB was founded with the goal of becoming a world leader within sensor technologies for detecting, registering and measuring chemical and biochemical reactions, based on the Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) technology. Today, Attana develops and sells the A100 biosensor along with consumables and associated services throughout Europe. Offering affordable access and high sensitivity, Attana’s systems are employed at leading universities and biotech companies in a wide variety of research fields within life sciences.

ABOUT Technology

Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) can be explained as a very sensitive scale or balance, which can measure atomic changes in mass. QCM uses the piezoelectric effect of quartz crystals, by applying an AC-potential to oscillate a quartz crystal. When atoms or molecules are added to, or removed from the surface, the change in the resonance frequency can be converted to a mass response. By attaching a specific molecule (the target) to the surface of the crystal and letting a sample flow over the surface, the target’s interaction with the sample can efficiently be studied. QCM can thereby be used to detect the presence of a substance or to characterize biochemical reactions, e.g. a drug candidate’s interaction with a protein.

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